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Issue No. 162, December 2017

Issue Editor: Kevin Wagner

Table of Contents:

1. Addressing Irrigation Aquifer Depletion: Introduction K.L. Wagner

2. Ogallala Aquifer Program: A Catalyst for Research and Education to Sustain the Ogallala Aquifer on the Southern High Plains (2003-​2017) D. Brauer, D. Devlin, K. Wagner, M. Ballou, D. Hawkins, and R. Lascano.

3. Kansas Trends and Changes in Temperature, Precipitation, Drought, and Frost-​Free Days from the 1890s to 2015 X. Lin, J. Harrington, Jr., I. Ciampitti, P. Gowda, D. Brown, and I. Kisekka

4. Irrigated Corn Production and Management in the Texas High Plains Q. Xue, T.H. Marek, W. Xu, and J. Bell

5. Crop Water Production Functions of Grain Sorghum and Winter Wheat in Kansas and Texas J.T. Moberly, R.M. Aiken, X. Lin, A.J. Schlegel, R.L. Baumhardt, and R.C. Schwartz

6. Calibration and Validation of CSM-​CROPGRO-​Cotton Model Using Lysimeter Data in the Texas High Plains P. Adhikari, P.H. Gowda, G.W. Marek, D.K. Brauer, I. Kisekka, B. Northup, and A. Rocateli

7. Understanding Climate-​Hydrologic-​Human Interactions to Guide Groundwater Model Development for Southern High Plains V. Uddameri, S. Singaraju, A. Karim, P. Gowda, R. Bailey, and M. Schipanski

8. The Economics of Local Enhanced Management Areas in Southwest Kansas B. Golden and B. Guerrero

9. Water Budget Development for SGMA Compliance, Case Study: Ukiah Valley Groundwater Basin M. Flores Marquez, S. Sandoval-​Solis, A.J. DeVicentis, J.P. Ortiz Partida, E. Goharian, B.R. Britos, P.T. Silva Jordan, G.T. McGourty, D.J. Lewis, R.B. Elkins, J.M. Harper

10. Aquifer Depletion in the Lower Mississippi River Basin: Challenges and Solutions M.L. Reba, J.H. Massey, M.A. Adviento-​Borbe, D. Leslie, M.A. Yaeger, M. Anders, and J. Farris

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