Our project benefits from interacting with key leaders within the Ogallala aquifer region who represent and work with several of our project’s target audiences. Our Advisory Board provides valuable feedback and input to guide and ensure the relevance of our research and outreach activities.

The OWCAP Advisory Board plays a critical role in helping our project achieve one of its primary objectives: to increase adaptive management capacity and resilience across the Ogallala aquifer region through the development of stronger social networks and collaboration across state lines.

Advisory Board Members

Walter Bradley

Walter Bradley is the Director of Government and Industry Relations at Dairy Farmers of America. Walter is a former State Senator and former Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico.

David Brauer

David Brauer is an agronomist and Research Leader at the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Cropping Systems Research Laboratory in Lubbock, TX. David manages the Ogallala Aquifer Program, a research-education consortium between USDA-ARS, Kansas State University, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University and West Texas A&M University, which addresses problems arising from declining water availability from the Ogallala Aquifer on the Southern High Plains.

Nolan Clark

Dr. Nolan Clark is an agricultural engineer representing Texas's Panhandle Water Planning Group. Nolan was Director of the USDA-ARS Conservation and Production Research Laboratory in Bushland, Texas, and served as program manager for the Ogallala Aquifer Program, a research consortium between the USDA - Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Kansas State University, Texas A&M University through Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Texas Tech University and West Texas A&M University.

Jason Coleman

Jason Coleman is the General Manager of the High Plains Water District (HWPD), the first groundwater conservation district established in Texas back in 1951. HPWD currently serves an area of 11,850 square miles (7,587,359 acres) located in 16 Texas Panhandle counties.

Deb Daniel

Deb Daniel is the General Manager of the Republican River Water Conservation District. This district was created for the purpose of cooperating with and assisting the State of Colorado to carry out its duty to comply with the limitations and duties imposed by the Republican River Compact.

Russell Isaacs

Russell Isaacs leads the Oklahoma Panhandle Agriculture and Irrigation Association (OPAI). OPAI works to develop and communicate strategies for the efficient use of water resources including water conservation, water re-use, augmentation and other water management strategies to promote economic development for the benefit of the citizens and environment of the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Jackie McClaskey

Jackie McClaskey is the Secretary of Agriculture for the State of Kansas. Dedicated to serving Kansas agriculture, she is personally committed to developing opportunities to grow the State’s diverse agricultural economy, and is dedicated to strengthening the Department of Agriculture and revitalizing the department’s focus on serving the Kansas agriculture industry and the farm and ranch families who provide food and fiber for the world.

Roric Paulman

Roric Paulman is the Chair of the Nebraska Water Balance Alliance, which engages in projects that bring together diverse interests and expertise to explore practical, grass-roots water strategies and which hosts Water Summits, workshops and Grower Symposiums to encourage discussion, learning and collaboration around effective water use management. Roric and his family farm 6500 acres in southwest Nebraska.

Mark Rude

Mark Rude is the Executive Director of the Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District. Kansas's Groundwater Management Districts were established to help ensure: proper management of the groundwater resources of the state; the conservation of groundwater resources; the prevention of economic deterioration; associated endeavors within the state of Kansas through the stabilization of agriculture; and to secure for Kansas the benefit of its fertile soils and favorable location with respect to national and world markets.

Ben Weinheimer

Ben Weinheimer is the Vice President of the Texas Cattle Feeders Association, whose mission is serve and advance the economic, political and social interests of the cattle feeding industry in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.