Brent Auvermann

Based in Amarillo, Dr. Auvermann’s extension and research programs involve environmental quality (air and water pollution) and manure management associated with confined livestock production. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences at West Texas A&M University (WTAMU), and on the leadership team of the USDA-NIFA funded Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture Project.

Dr. Auvermann specializes in water quality, air quality, manure & mortality management, and biomass energy as they pertain to beef and dairy production in confinement. His projects focus on feedyard and dairy manure management, production and land application of composted manure, dust and odor abatement, feedyard dust characterization, and air pollution policy analysis.

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"Researchers around the world are learning that although advances in irrigation technology are vitally important, they are not enough by themselves to help us conserve a depletable resource like the Ogallala. What we need are advances in the human dimension of conservation – policies and market frameworks that create space for innovative, voluntary, collective action. We need to experiment. Individual states and their smaller, political subdivisions are great laboratories for that kind of experimentation. ”