The relationship between irrigation capacity (IC) and simulated average yield based on long-​term (1950 – 2013) climate for wheat, grain sorghum and maize in south western Kansas. YWT, wheat yield; YGS, grain sorghum yield; YMZ, maize yield.

Crop water productivity and profitability were evaluated for three major crops (winter wheat, grain sorghum, and corn) in southwest Kansas. Yields were simulated using the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer - Cropping System Model (DSSAT-​CSM).

Profitability did not rise for wheat and sorghum with increased irrigation.

While corn was profitable under deficit and full irrigation, growing fully irrigated corn substantially increased profitability. However, the ability to grow corn using higher irrigation may not last due to rapidly depleting Ogallala aquifer groundwater levels in the area.

Publication: Araya, A. Gowda, P. H., Golden, B., Foster A. J., Aguilar, J., Currie, R., Ciampitti, I. A., Prasad, P. V. V. (2019). Economic value and water productivity of major irrigated crops in the Ogallala aquifer region. Agricultural Water Management 214, 55 – 63.

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