A 2020 simulation study found that lower irrigation well capacities result in lower average profits for corn, wheat, and grain sorghum in Finney County, Kansas. In addition, lower well capacities result in an increase in “downside risk,” which is defined as the standard deviation of profits that are below the average profit. Results also showed variation in downside risk across different crops and soil types.

Publication: Rouhi Rad, M., Araya, A. & Zambreski, Z.T. Downside risk of aquifer depletion. Irrig Sci 38577 – 591 (2020). https://​doi​.org/​1​0​.​1​0​0​7​/​s​0​0​2​7​1​-​0​2​0​-​0​0​6​8​8-x

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