This study compared three irrigation methods: Center Pivot with Low Elevation Spray Application nozzles (LESA), Center Pivot with Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA), and center pivots adjusted for Mobile Drip Irrigation (MDI) used on corn production field trials in southwestern Kansas.

Data on grain yield, water use efficiency, above ground biomass, leaf area index, and soil water content were gathered for corn irrigated using each method. No significant differences among the three irrigation methods was observed, except that that MDI and LEPA were more efficient than LESA as indicated by higher uniformity coefficients. Higher than average rainfall during the study is thought by authors to have minimized biophysical differences that might have otherwise been observed as a result of using these irrigation methods.

Publication: Oker, T.E., I. Kisekka, I., A.Y. Sheshukov, A.Y., J. Aguilar, and D. Rogers (2019). Evaluation of dynamic uniformity and application efficiency of mobile drip irrigation. Irrigation Science.

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