A 2020 study analyzed yield-​water use relationships and profitability of corn, wheat, and grain sorghum in various rotations under limited irrigation near Tribune, KS. Overall, corn yield after wheat (corn-​wheat rotation) was about 20 bushels per acre greater than a corn-​corn rotation; corn-​corn yields and grain sorghum-​grain sorghum yields tended to be less than when grown in a corn-​grain sorghum rotation. Available soil water was less during the entire corn growing season in the corn-​grain sorghum rotation compared with corn-​corn and corn-​wheat rotations. Corn yield increased as water use increased in corn-​wheat rotation compared with other corn-​based rotations. Grain sorghum yield increased with water use in both rotations but at a greater rate in grain sorghum-​grain sorghum rotation than in rotation with corn. Despite greater corn grain yield in a corn-​wheat rotation, economic analysis showed that wheat was the least profitable of the three crops causing the corn-​wheat rotation to be least profitable. In this study, the most profitable limited irrigation crop rotation was corn-​grain sorghum.

Publication: Schlegel, A.J., Assefa, Y., & O’Brien, D. (2019). Productivity and profitability of four crop rotations under limited irrigation. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 36(1): 1-​9 (doi: 10.13031/aea.13416).

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