In this study we compared simulated and field level data for cotton on the Texas High Plains. For our model we used CROPGRO-​Cotton Module of Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT). Our field level data came from the USDA-​ARS (United States Department of Agriculture- Agricultural Research Service) Conservation and Production Research Laboratory in Bushland, TX.

The model overall was successful in accurately predicting LAI, AGB, ET and lint yield for most cultivars in Bushland, TX. Although the model tended to underestimate ET at cotton peak vegetative growth and development stages, we concluded the model could be used successfully for ET based irrigation scheduling for the Texas High Plains.

Publication: Adhikari, P., Gowda, P.H., Marek, G.W., Brauer, D.K., Kisekka, I., Northup, B. and Rocateli, A. (2017). Calibration and Validation of CSM-​CROPGRO-​Cotton Model Using Lysimeter Data in the Texas High Plains. Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education, 162: 61 – 78.

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