We used the CROPGRO-​Soybean crop simulation model to test irrigation strategies on soybeans in the Texas High Plains that conserve water while not compromising yield.

We found soybeans can be irrigated at thresholds set at 50% or 65% plant extractable water levels with minimal yield loss as compared to 80%, conserving water and contributing toward lower groundwater withdrawals.

Publication: Sharda, V., P.H. Gowda, G. Marek, I. Kisekka, C. Ray, and P. Adhikari (2019). Simulating the Impacts of Irrigation Levels on Soybean Production in Texas High Plains to Manage Diminishing Groundwater Levels. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 1 – 14.

This article is part of a JAWRA featured series: Optimizing Ogallala Aquifer Water Use to Sustain Food Systems. 

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