In this paper, we present results of a 2018 survey of over 1,100 Ogallala region producers. Producers’ responses indicate that they overwhelmingly support groundwater conservation. Their primary motivations behind this attitude are their interest in supporting their local communities and preserving a way of life they value for future generations, along with being able to irrigate as part of managing during drought periods. While most producers expressed a belief that they are already doing all they can individually to c​onserve groundwater, some producers who are involved in voluntary group efforts related to managing and conserving water (about 7% of those surveyed) say they are finding more ways to effectively do so. The survey data suggest there may be support for well-​crafted groundwater conservation initiatives with a focus on voluntary group efforts that build social networks and a culture of groundwater conservation.

Publication: Lauer, S. and M. Sanderson (2019). Producer Attitudes Toward Groundwater Conservation in the U.S. Ogallala-​High Plains. Groundwater.

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