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A 2019 study reviewed the use of predictive weather data within the irrigation scheduling tool WISE - Water Irrigation Scheduler for Efficient Application (Colorado State University). Predictive weather data allows WISE to consider economic opportunity costs of decisions to defer water application if rainfall is forecast. This capability requires an assessment of the system uncertainties and use of weather prediction performance probabilities. The study concludes with implementation guidance, summaries of available data sources, and recommends methods for the use of predictive weather data. This study is the first of two parts. See part 2 description.

Publication: Jones, A. S., A. Andales, J. Chávez, C. McGovern, and G. E. B. Smith, O. David, and S. J. Fletcher (2019). Use of predictive weather uncertainties in an irrigation scheduling tool Part I: A Review of Metrics and Adjoint Methods, J. Amer. Water Resources Assoc.

This article is part of a JAWRA featured series: Optimizing Ogallala Aquifer Water Use to Sustain Food Systems. 

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