Alan Schlegel


1474 State Highway 96
Tribune, KS 67879

Dr. Schlegel’s current research is focused on:

  1. limited irrigated cropping systems to reduce groundwater depletion while maintaining profitability and
  2. dryland cropping systems that reduce tillage, increase capture of precipitation, reduce evaporation and erosion potential while enhancing crop yields.

On his participation with the Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture Project, Dr. Schlegel says: "OWCAP's research and collaboration with other team members will improve products disseminated to producers, supporting them in improving management decisions related to water utilization."


Southwest Research Center – Tribune

Selected Publications

Schlegel, A.J., Y. Assefa, L.A. Haag, C.R. Thompson, J.D. Holman, and L.R. Stone. 2016. Yield and soil water in three dryland wheat and grain sorghum rotations. Agron. J. (in press)

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Schlegel, A.J., Y. Assefa, D. O’Brien, F.R. Lamm, L.A. Haag, and L.R. Stone. 2016. Comparison of corn, grain sorghum, soybean, and sunflower under limited irrigation. Agron. J. 108:670-679.

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