Jordan Suter

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
1172 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-2067
(970) 491-2589

Dr. Suter’s research evaluates how specific policies and scenarios designed to manage groundwater use influence the behavior and financial outcomes of agricultural producers and the impact this has on future water availability. The work explicitly considers how variation in aquifer, agronomic, and climate characteristics influence the incentives that groundwater users face and the implications this has for the relative performance of initiatives designed to reduce pressure on groundwater resources.

On his work with the Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture Project, Dr. Suter says:

"The Ogallala CAP project is exciting as it offers the opportunity to work with economists and researchers in other disciplines from a wide range of universities in an effort to integrate economic models with engineering and crop models. This will allow for a better understanding of optimal management strategies for water across space and time. It will also be rewarding to generate estimates of how the economic benefits and costs of specific management practices vary across the study region."



Selected Publications

Miao, H., J. Fooks, T. Guilfoos, K.D. Messer, S.M. Pradhanang, J.F. Suter, S. Trandafir, and E. Uchida. 2016. The impact of information on behavior under an ambient-based policy for regulating nonpoint source pollution. Water Resources Research. 52(5): 3294–3308

Li, J.,H.A. Michael, J.M. Duke, K.D. Messer, and J.F. Suter. 2014. Impact of risk information in a spatially explicit groundwater environment with contamination risk: experimental evidence. Water Resources Research.50:6390–6405.

Liu, Z., J.F. Suter, J.M. Duke, K.D. Messer, and H.A. Michael. 2014. Laboratory Evidence on Strategic Investment in Accessing Groundwater Resources. Resource and Energy Economics. 38: 181-197.

Suter, J.F., and C.A. Vossler. 2014. Towards an Understanding of the Performance of Ambient Tax Mechanisms in the Field: Evidence from Upstate New York Dairy Farmers. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 96: 92-107.

Suter. J.F., J.M. Spraggon, and G.L. Poe. 2013. Thin and Lumpy: an Experimental Investigation of Water Quality Trading. Water Resources and Economics 1: 36-60.

Suter, J.F., J.M. Duke, K.D Messer, and H.A. Michael. 2012. Behavior in a Spatially Explicit Groundwater Resource: Evidence from the Lab. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 94(5): 1094-1112.

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