Ryan Bailey

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
1372 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523
(970) 491-5045

Dr. Bailey’s research objectives focus on assessing groundwater quantity and groundwater quality in watershed systems under various management schemes and climate scenarios. His research group performs field work and numerical model application and development to achieve these objectives. The interaction between groundwater and surface water often is essential in these applications. His research group’s projects include:

  • Impact of groundwater pumping on streamflow and groundwater-surface water interactions
  • Mobilization, fate, and transport of selenium and uranium in semi-arid irrigated stream-aquifer systems
  • Fate, transport, and management of salinity in semi-arid irrigated groundwater systems
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus transport in a highly managed coupled groundwater-surface water watershed system

Sustaining groundwater supply in semi-arid aquifer systems requires assessing production systems and on-farm technology in terms of their effect on the regional groundwater system. Through the work of the Ogallala Water CAP, Dr. Bailey hopes to develop and apply regional-scale hydrologic models that can determine the effect of production systems and a variable climate on groundwater supply in future decades.

Success for this project means identifying best management and irrigation practices that can conserve groundwater in the Ogallala Aquifer Region (OAR) for future generations. This will serve the growers, groundwater management districts, and communities of the OAR.

Opportunities. I would like to apply hydrologic models to large river basins within the Ogallala Aquifer Region (OAR), particularly the Republican River Basin. Also, I would like to incorporate the DSSAT crop model into the hydrologic modeling framework to more accurately depict the near-surface hydrologic cycle and irrigation practices. These opportunities will mitigate groundwater depletions in the OAR.


Ryan Bailey, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

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Bailey, R.T. (2016), Review: selenium contamination, fate, and reactive transport in groundwater in relation to human health. Hydrogeology Journal. Accepted for publication.

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