Veronica Acosta-​Martinez

Research Soil Scientist

Wind Erosion and Water Conservation Research Unit
3810 4th street
Lubbock, TX 79415
(806) 723-​523

Dr. Acosta-Martinez’s research activities include:

  • Evaluating soil quality/​health under alternative management for conventional tilled cotton in semiarid-​sandy soils of the Southern High Plains.
  • Documenting microbial community size, structure and function in different systems of US (organic farming, corn and sorghum for biofuels, livestock production, CRP).
  • The development, validation, and interpretation of soil health indicators.
  • Microbiology traveling in dust.

Current Projects

  • Soil health as affected by increasing years of restoration under CRP and as converted to agricultural land in TX.
  • Microbial community diversity and functions as affected by the complex interactions of management-​climate change under producer fields in a semiarid region.
  • Soil health evaluation across the Ogallala aquifer region.
  • National Soil Health Assessment with NRCS, Soil Health Institute and Soil Renaissance.

Selected Publications

Acosta-​Martinez V, Van Pelt S, Moore-​Kucera J, Baddock MC, Zobeck TM. 2015 Microbiology of wind-​eroded sediments: Current knowledge and future research directions. Aeolian Research 18: 99-​113

Acosta-​Martínez V, Waldrip H. 2014. Soil enzyme activities as affected by manure types, application rates, and management practices. In: He Z, Zhang H. (eds.), Applied Manure and Nutrient Chemistry for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment. Springer Publishers.

Acosta-​Martínez V, Cotton J, Gardner T, Moore-​Kucera J, Zak J, Wester D, Cox S. 2014. Predominant bacterial and fungal assemblages in agricultural soils during a record drought and heat wave and linkages to enzyme activities of biogeochemical cycling. Applied Soil Ecology, 84: 69-​82.

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