Our study concluded that the CERES-​Maize model can be used to quantify the impacts of climate and soil variability on corn yields and yield variability.

Simulations of the model showed that corn yield was impacted by both climate variability and soil variability. The following demonstrated the clear importance of soil variability in crop-​climate impact studies.

This model can be useful in explaining the spatial variability of yield across a region and can be used by various agencies and stakeholders that need precise yield estimates before harvest.

Publication: Sharda, V., Handyside, C., Chaves, B., McNider, R. T., and Hoogenboom G. 2017. The Impact of Spatial Soil Variability on Simulation of Regional Maize Yield. Transactions of the ASABE 60(6): 2137-​2148 (doi: 10.13031/trans.12374)

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